Progression is a Process, it takes time and patience and I’ve watched this girl change her entire life over the past few months x
‘Before I started with Rebeccah I was miserable with how I looked. I had no energy, I was eating all the wrong food, I would sit down at lunch in college and eat a curry chip 5 days a week without thinking twice. I started with TEAMROR in May 2020 when the first lockdown happened. Before I started I wasn’t doing any form of exercise but once I got going I was training 5 sometimes 6 days a week. I began fuelling my body with all the right food & simply just enjoying myself while I was on the journey. It wasn’t just a diet with bland and boring food, it was a new lifestyle.
Before the first lockdown ended I had a chat with Rebeccah and explained that I wanted to start weight training to build muscle, this was going to be the biggest thing I’d done yet because it meant I had to go into the gym. It was a place that I would never have associated myself with due to the anxiety and worry of even stepping into the building. When I first started Rebeccah told me to message Brendan to do a PT session with me to get me going so I knew what was what. When I met with him I was a shell of the person I am now. There were days in the gym where I would text Rebeccah and tell her no I can’t do it, there’s too many people here, it’s packed I can’t I have to go but she would tell me the same words I tell the girls joining the challenges now because they’ve always stuck with me..’Those people are there for the same reason you are so keep going’. When going to the gym I wouldn’t train downstairs, it would have to be in the studio because I couldn’t handle being down in the weights section when other people were there. Now, I associate the gym as my “safe place”. I’ve had to build my confidence from the ground up to step into the weights section & now I don’t even take notice of anything when I go in.
Rebeccah has helped me grow so much not just in relation to fitness but my confidence. There were days when I would send her a voice note crying because I just wasn’t feeling great in my body & she would simply talk me back to reality. The best thing about being on TEAMROR is that Rebeccah is down to earth, she understands every little thing that we all go through & is always there to back us 100%. I would never have known how much I loved weight lifting if it wasn’t for her giving me that push to step into the gym.
The group of girls that I have met through the challenges I now class as my friends, they are the best supporters you will ever come across. We don’t just want to see progress in ourselves we want to see progress in each and every girl that comes into the team because we were all there once. We back each and every girl 100% of the way because we want everyone to succeed the same way Rebeccah helped us all succeed.
The best decision I’ve ever made was messaging her about the challenges because I’ve never once looked back. Now I look back and I thank god that I started & I know for a fact I’m not going to finish anytime soon.