Is this challenge suitable for vegetarians/vegans?

Absolutely, everyone can take part no matter what your food preferences. You will be receiving 1:1 check ins every week to make sure you are on track with the correct amount of calories throughout the entire process.

Will we need weights?

Yes I would advise having some equipment if you plan on training from home. A set of dumbbells will do just fine plus bands if you can get them.

Can we take part if currently recovering from injury?

Yes. You will have a full library of workouts in the app and will simply leave out what you can’t do. I will be able to advise anyone with specific injuries once we get started.

When the gyms re open will we have access to gym based workouts?

Yes. The app will be bursting with lives, home workouts, strength sessions plus a full gym split for anyone who plans on re joining when they open back up.

Will the lives be continuing on Instagram when the challenge starts?

No, all live workouts will now be done through the new TEAMROR App. Anyone who signs up to this challenge will be the very first group to use it x

If I want to lose body fat but also build muscle will this be suitable?

Yes! A large amount of the girls who take part in our challenges focus on building muscle as well as weight loss. Over the course of the 6 weeks you will see a massive difference in strength as well as fitness levels.

Will the lives be saved if we can’t make them when they are on?

Yes, all live workouts will be saved onto the app and will be there for the entire 6 weeks.