Hello Girls, my name is Leanne and ive been coached by Rebeccah since January 2020. I've always been slim and struggled with gaining weight simply because I never had a proper gym/training structure. I was obsessed with cardio and high intensity classes, no matter how much I tried i could never gain weight.
I began my journey in January 2020 with a goal to gain muscle, build my glutes and feel confident in my clothes. I was set a challenge to eat 2033 calories. This was a huge change for me as I only ate breakfast, lunch and dinner! Rebeccah sent me absolutely everything I needed to gain muscle and size. This included training 4 days a week of heavy weight sessions. I was just settling into my routine when covid hit and like the rest of the country I was forced to train from home but I didnt give up, i set my goals and no one was getting in my way.
I work shift work so I found organisation was needed week in week out. Each week i set my goals and intentions for the days ahead. I do a food shop on my days off and I generally cook my meals for my 4 working days and freeze what i can, this saves time and effort when working night shifts. For me I train before work on my first day simply because im a morning person and I feel ready to take on the day after a good session! I pack all my meals and ensure I have plenty of snacks to have on the go. I also find training in the morning gets my metabolism going and I dont struggle to get all my calories in. 
I am currently on 4172 calories and I couldnt be happier, i am stronger physically and mentally! My confidence in myself has sored, Its become a lifestyle for me and just part of my routine.
I advise anyone who works shift work to sit down at the beginning of the week and write down your goals for the week ahead, how many days you can relistically train, what times suit your schedule and for how long. Try to get a friend who works with you to train at the same time so you can motivate each other x


Organisation and meal prep is key! Batch cook at the beginning of the week, bring pleanty of snacks such as nuts, peanut butter, yogurt with you on the go! I'm also a very plain eater and could eat the same foods day after day, simplicity for me is very effective in my meal prep. 


Find a pattern that suits you, as i said already im an early bird so i could finish a night shift at 7am, i wake up at 12pm to do a workout but then ill need to have an afternoon nap from 2pm to 5pm, and then work at 7pm! Id also recommend waking up relatively early on your first day off after a night shift to ensure you get a full sleep coming off nights, this will help get back into some bit of a solid sleeping pattern. 
Overall Rebeccah has been the best coach I could ask for, like everyone else I have my off days but she is always on the other side of the phone to motivate and encourage me every step of the way. I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go but I am very lucky to be apart of Team ROR x