What equipment will I need to take part? 

Everyone will have free access to LIVEWITHROR so if you are planning on training from home you will need a set of dumbells, a mat, and a resistance band.

Can I take part if training from a gym?

Yes of course. You will have a full gym split in the App but if you already have a trainer or a gym program that you enjoy you will be able to continue with this while following all other areas of the challenge. You can also add some Live workouts into the mix to ensure your fitness levels are increasing alongside your strength.

Will I have to track my food? 

The majority of women taking part will track their calories to ensure either a deficit (weight loss) or a surplus (weight gain). If you have tracked in the past and found it wasn't for you we will be there to advise you on portion control to ensure the best possible results. Calculating your calories will be done on our welcome zoom call.

Will I have to send progress photos into the group chat? 

Absolutely not. It's completely your own choice to share your images and at no point will any of your coaches share your weekly photos in the chat or on social media without first having your permission. 

Do we receive a food plan to follow? 

You will have access to the TEAMROR App which is bursting with hundreds of recipes and you will LEARN how to fuel your body while eating all the foods you enjoy. Our main aim is to show you that you don't have to follow a strict diet to achieve results you just need to eat the correct amount of calories to suit YOUR body and lifestyle.

How does the check-in process work? 

Every week you will have a 1:1 check in, you will submit your form through the App and this will include your stats from the previous 7 days, your progress photos, and any questions you need answered. You will receive a voice note reply via email which will include all your questions answered and advice/adjustments needed to ensure progression going forward.

My fitness levels are very poor so nervous to sign up?

We all started at the beginning and we all push eachother every week to progress! If your fitness levels/strength are low right now i promise you they wont be in 6 weeks time.

Can I take part if I'm a Vegetarian / Vegan / A very fussy eater? 

Absolutely. You choose what you eat so you'll only include the meals you enjoy.