Ive always struggled with my weight, I often fluctuated and I don't think there is a 'diet' i haven’t tried from low carb to shakes to just cereal but I never consistently cracked it. I had mood swings, burnout and result was bingeing and constantly feeling like a failure. I’m a makeup artist and have always been very active but between being out of work and off on maternity leave in lockdown i piled on the weight. I have 3 kids under 6 Max 6 Zoë 2 and Ted 1. Ted was born in the thick of lockdown on 9th July and after a few weeks I took photos and said I would never mistreat my body again, look at it and not be proud of it. I held back tears taking those pictures but I promised myself this was the last time id feel like that. I was just shy of 17 stone and my BMI was through the roof. I was clinically obese which was scary it was the heaviest I had ever been. 

I started doing some walks and a friend suggested Rebeccah's Sunday sweat sessions. I was so nervous i really struggled with my fitness levels but I found it so reassuring working out with Rebeccah. She was literally cheering me on from day 1 and if I couldn't do an exercise there was always a well explained alternative. I also learned about progression and its OK to not be able to hold a plank for 2 minutes at the start but just push yourself to hold the next one a little bit longer. I started taking note of my workouts and seeing my progression really encouraged me.

The other side of this was I was at home with three kids during lockdown. I breastfed my son for 6 months and the lives were both convenient and accessible for me. I could do them at a time that suited me AND I had structure to my day. I ate well the days i worked out and I felt better mentally and physically, it was a win win.

When I started on my first challenge i had already lost 3 stone from watching what I ate and exercising with the lives 4 times a week, now I really needed to learn more in order to change my body composition and trust me I never thought that I would see abs by my sons 1st birthday... But I did!!
The help coach Bobby gave me with my nutrition was second to none, a weekly check in was keeping me accountable and making  me think more in depth about my food. It made a huge difference and I honestly couldn’t believe the difference. Im wearing shorts now and my upper legs are so much more toned I have baby abs! Im working on my sleep with Corinnes meditation and when people ask me how I do it and how I have the energy i tell them all the time its more for my mental health than anything else its a plus that my body has changed too. I do it for myself i get the energy out of somewhere because I deserve to give myself that time to train and it is an absolute privilege to be able to exercise everyday. 

I am now considered to be at a healthy BMI which is great i cant tell you what I weigh because i never weigh myself anymore. I no longer have a bad day if I weigh more because i don't rely on the scales i go by how my clothes fit and how I feel and I feel GREAT. I have found a  programme that offers a variety of workouts, excellent meal ideas, meditation and unparalleled support. I can never thank Rebeccah enough I'm just so grateful for every word of encouragement from her and from TEAMROR. 
Best decision I ever made! 

Heather Minchin x