Hi girls

Please use this link to calculate your calories.
Here's step by step instructions on how to set up your kcals in the link above:
  1. Set sex to female
  2. Input age
  3. Input height
  4. BmR total comes up. ( Amount of kcals outside of any exercise)
  5. Add 400kcals to BMR figure.
  6. Go to my Fitness Pal and input that figure.
  7. Set Protein at 40%, Carbs 30%, Fat 30%
  8. If you have been on previous challenges and on higher kcals than projected by the calculator and they are working for you, stay with them.


Here's Bobby, our team nutritionist, explaining how to calculate your calories in more detail: 



To prepare for the challenge beginning next week, here's Rebeccah's weekly food shop stock up along with a blank shopping list template for you to download and use yourself. 



If you'd like to download a blank shopping list so you can print it off and use yourself, click here.