After following Rebeccah on Instagram and doing a few of her lives, I finally plucked up the courage to join one of her challenges, I thought what harm could it do. When I took my starting pictures, I felt ashamed, disappointed I had let myself gain so much weight. My sister had booked her wedding & I let that date be my goal. That goal passed in June of 2021 and what I thought was going to be a few challenges is now my lifestyle.

Rebeccah’s challenges are not a quick fix, they are to be incorporated into your life and that’s what I have done. My love for fitness, healthy eating and enjoying life is at an all-time high. In the past year not once have I felt deprived of food, treats, eating out, drinks, take-aways, I have completely enjoyed life only healthier and fitter. 

I’m a working mom, have 3 amazing boys and a supportive husband who has had my back since day one. This whole process has been done through home workouts 1 year of pushing myself in my happy place our converted home gym. I started out with 2 x4kg dumbbells and soon invested in heavier ones as I knew I had found something that was not going to end anytime soon.

Yes, there have been struggles, one been when GAA returned my evenings were busy, workouts were missed, and I needed a new routine. So, I changed my routine, my mornings started earlier, workout done before I heard a peak from any of the kids. Rebeccah then started her 7.30am lives and I just loved being able to take part live with her and the girls. I felt that having my workout done early set me up for the day and the buzz from having a burpee challenge completed in a Team Sweat Session by 8.15am in the morning cannot be matched.  

We can’t control everything in our lives but some things we can and for me these are Steps, Water, Sleep, Stress & Food as much as possible as Rebeccah says these are our non-negotiables. The scales at first was a major influence on me but I soon realised these are for the bin. I do occasionally stand on them, but this is just out of nosiness. No scales can measure the feeling of progression, the feeling you get when you can finally do full burpees, hold a plank for 10 seconds longer than when you started or when you’re increasing your weights in sessions.  

Team nutritionist Bobby has taught us so much about fuelling our bodies and each week we learn more in our weekly zoom call, his advice from check-ins is so encouraging and supportive. The group chat in each challenge has brought new friends, we are each other’s support pillars through good & bad days. Hungover Sweat Sessions are easier to get done having these girls alongside me. 

The changes I have achieved in the past year are more than just physical, a complete overhaul of my mindset and mental health. I have now progressed to working out in a gym but will always return to a live during the week for the buzz of them. The lives are what got me to where I am now.

Without all the encouragement and support from Rebeccah and all the team I would not be where I am today, and I know they will continue to help me in my journey.