In September 2020 I signed up for Rebeccah's 6week challenge, after what was a lifetime of failure with “diets”. 
Little did I know this would be the greatest decision I’ve ever made in my weight loss journey and by far the most educated I've ever been when it comes to food & fitness.
I’ve spent my whole life overweight and I’ve always had a terrible relationship with food. I would always take the easy way out having chippers for dinner, delis for lunch etc.
I’ve tried every diet and every plan known to man but nothing I could ever stick to.
I would be really focused for a couple of weeks but I would get bored, my sweet tooth would get the better of me and I would fall off the wagon again.
As time went on I stopped trying to lose weight as I figured if I wasn’t trying I couldn’t fail and therefore I might stop hating the way I looked and just get on with it.
In September 2020 I decided I just had enough. I now have 2 kids Grace (3) and Oisín (1) and I knew that at 32 years old, 17 stone 8lbs and only 5”3 in height that I was in a very bad place both physically and mentally.
I was disgusted with myself. I would avoid mirrors at every opportunity, decline invites to go places as I had no nice clothes, and shopping for a nice outfit at size 20-22 was just something I couldn’t bare to do.
Exercise wise I could hardly catch my breath after walking up the stairs. I had little to no energy, moody, cranky and I found it hard to look past each day. 
I was at rock bottom I needed help and I needed it now!
I followed Rebeccah on Instagram and just love how down-to-earth she is when it comes to being on plan but more importantly enjoying life at the same time.
I knew this was the type of coach that was going to suit me. I messaged Rebeccah and in the subject line I typed the word HELP...with the swift and detailed reply I got I couldn’t wait to sign up.
I took my starting photos and it took me about 3 days to actually send them. I could hardly look at them myself. 
The first couple of days I couldn’t believe how much food I was actually allowed to eat and could even have treats to satisfy my sweet tooth. The weeks went by and the weight fell off me. 
This was so different to anything I’ve ever done I’m not just eating chicken and rice, I’m not starving myself on shakes, I am actually eating the best food and it’s working I couldn’t believe it.
As I started to get more energy with a bit of weight gone I began doing Rebeccah's lives about 3 times a week and walking with a minimum of 10k steps a day.
I now love the lives, Rebeccah's energy is brilliant even tho she’s not in the room doing it with you she still has the ability to motivate you!
I have, with the help of TEAMROR lost 6 stone. I am the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been. I have so much passion for life, so much more energy for my kids, my mental and physical health is in such a 
good place and I am so so grateful to Rebeccah and Bobby and all the girls at TEAMROR for their knowledge and guidance.
I cannot wait to keep doing these challenges and see where my journey leads.
I will keep going and failure is no longer an option because life is too short to be anything but happy. 
Laura Baker x