A six week program focusing on increasing strength and building muscle.

In this PDF guide we have included a four day split targeting upper and lower body as well as some of our favourite core challenges.

We have designed this program to help you kickstart the new year and as a teaser for what is to come in our new BUILD subscription service. COMING SOON!

One of our main priorities here at TEAMROR is to ensure every woman feels STRONG on her journey to becoming her best self.


Can I follow this from home or is it gym focused?
You will need a barbell, a variety of dumbbells and plates so best results will be obtained from anywhere as long as you have this equipment available to you.

How many workouts target lower body?
The split is three lower and 1 upper as well as three core challenges.
The aim is to progress with weights week after week so we have also provided training trackers to ensure you keep accountable on all sessions.

Is this program suitable for beginners?
Absolutely. Everyone will start on week 1 with weights that suit their ability and will gradually increase these weights once technique is perfected.

Will I be able to get feedback while following the program?
Yes of course, you will receive a link to join the group chat immediately after purchasing.