ROR Weight Loss Challenge

ROR Weight Loss Challenge

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The ROR Weight Loss challenge... it's what we're famous for and the results we've seen with groups to date has been incredible.

So What's Included In This Weight Loss Program

It’s a 6 week nutrition and training course where you will learn how to track your food so that your calories suit YOUR body and lifestyle. It has workouts suited for gym goers or those who prefer to train from home. Rebeccah will also be in the group chat and available for questions and advice mid week between check in’s.

What separates this challenge from our downloadable pdf guides is the group environment coupled with weekly check ins and accountability.

  • Set specific goals from the get go, and we'll help you achieve those and stay on track.
  • Learn how to eat and fuel your body and to be confident in your own skin.
  • Workouts for the gym and at home which can be done from anywhere in the world.
  • Team challenges along with Live Workouts.
  • Weekly group check-ins monitor your progress, help you track your goals, and push you on to succeed. 
  • Whatsapp group chat with Rebeccah and all other girls taking part. 

Limited spaces available x


The winner of the Challenge will receive six weeks 1:1 coaching with Rebeccah as well as a TEAMROR GIFTBOX plus €100 voucher for FEMFUELZ

Why choose TEAM ROR?

1:1 Guidance

Whether you choose to purchase a downloadable guide, a challenge or sign up for 1:1 coaching TeamROR is just that, a Team. And that Team will help YOU achieve the goals you desire and the happiness you deserve x 

A Trusted Expert

Rebeccah is a well trained and trusted expert with over four years in the industry and thousands of clients. She believes every woman can make the changes they want with the right combination of advice, guidance and support. 

'She Remembered Who She Was And The Game Changed x' 

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