Your Six Week Challenge Starting June 24th

Stronger is a course where we aim to empower women on their journey to better. We provide all the knowledge and tools required for you to become the very best version of yourself, physically and mentally.

What's included?

  • Weekly 1 to 1 check-ins to ensure you are constantly learning and getting advice on progression.
  • Free access to the TEAMROR APP which includes our on demand home workouts, BUILD gym focused program and all the information required to train effectively and safely towards whatever goal you set in play.
  • A library of resources teaching you how to track your calories correctly and ultimately ensure you are fueling your body with an adequate amount of food. Our mission is Consistency, never Restriction.

TEAMROR is a community of women who strive every day to be better and who continue to accept the challenge without hesitation - Are YOU ready to accept the challenge?

Limited spaces available.

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